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Who We Are

We imagine an energy grid that is 100% carbon-free and work every day to make that vision a reality.  


We work closely with our customers to solve their energy challenges, embracing a collaborative spirit to deliver innovative solutions.


We are local and global; working as one team bringing diverse perspectives to meet changing customer needs with agility and have fun solving meaningful challenges.


We put safety first; we measure success by how safely we conduct our work together while contributing to a greener energy future.


We act with the utmost integrity towards our people and hold the solutions we deliver together to global standards of excellence. 


We recognize and reward contribution from anyone, anywhere – our careers are measured by the difference we make to our communities, colleagues and families. 


We are AES.  Come join us, and let’s accelerate the future of energy, together.




Christine Lozano
Electrical Engineer

I chose a clean energy career because it’s the best way I can contribute to a more sustainable and innovative future. The energy industry is so dynamic and challenging with new technologies and policies. I get to work with teams across different departments – and feel proud to be part of a company that is increasing its commitment to renewable energy.


Andrew Brody
Wind Performance Engineer 

I love working at AES because I get to do something meaningful for so many people in the communities we serve every day. We’re given the opportunity to find innovative solutions to complex issues through data and analytics. It’s great to work for an organization that is committed to providing a sustainable future and pushing our industry to new heights.


Andrea Santoro
Sustainability Specialist in Brazil, South America 

Our five values have synergy with diversity and inclusion. Diversity generates greater cooperation and therefore safer work environments. When people respect each other, there is an environment of cooperation and you start to take care of your colleagues as you take care of yourself. Integrity comes from ethics, correct conduct and respect for differences. Agility and excellence, in a diverse environment, enhance creativity, which in turn generate better results. Finally, fun has to do with satisfaction, with people feeling right where they are and in relationships with their peers.


Aditya Trivedi
General Manager in  India, Eurasia 

AES is a multinational company and we are known for our innovative spirit. And what is innovation? It's the perspective that allows us to see things in a way that no one else does and to find a way to make them better, fueling the innovation. This unique lens that enhances the vision of the future won’t be possible if we don’t have different people thinking about making our business more sustainable. We need to embrace and encourage innovation within the company by increasing the awareness of all our people about what we're doing as a company.

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